Our aim is to push strongly some technologies and cultures that have big potential of increasing the impact of Sustainability around the world.

We partner established organizations which have sustainability in their DNA in order to continuously increase their business and therefore their impact.

We are currently focusing on:
• Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Cogeneration.
• Circular Economy (recover materials, energy, fertilizers, water). Payment per use. Sharing platforms, dematerialization.
• Ecological and carbon footprint. (LCA, Eco-innovation-design, EMAS, Ecolabel, Design for last-resell-reuse-repair-upgrade-refurbishments-sharing-renewabilty, Industrial Ecology).
• Organic farming and value chains.
• Sustainable Manufacturing (connected value chains, collaborative design including the user, flexible production, personalized products, 3D manufacturing, robotics).
• New Tech (IoT, Big Data, Business Intelligence, AI, Smart Business Management, Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing) because of their big potential associated with Ecoefficiency.
• Education and development: Sutainability and Environment, Responsible Consumption / Purchasing, Digital Competences, Hiperconnectivity, Lidership: Culture is the big challenge, not Tech.

This can be done at different levels:
-Corporate culture.
– R+D+I Area.
– Marketing-branding.
– Operations.
-Others (purchasing, etc)

Key partners:
• Strategic partner in new tech: (IoT, Big Data, AI, CC)
• Strategic partner in Energy Efficiency (electricity, gas. water): buildings, processes, cogeneration.
• Strategic partner in Renewable Energy.
• Strategic partner in Circular Economy.
• Strategic partner in ecological footprint.
• Strategic partner in 3D Manufacturing.
• Strategic partner in Robotics.
• Strategic partner in Organic Value Chain.