Explicit Services Proposal

PEACEside has the following “Services Offer” addressed to any enterprise, organisation, sector, area of activity, etc willing to progress on any of the following items:

– Enter new business.
– Re-think current business to adapt it to new target markets.
– Grow sales.
– Balance risk.
– Integrate Sustainability in their business models.
– Integrate “Personal /Corporate Improvement” and “Society Care” in their corporate culture as a key competitive advantage.

Project type 1.- PEACEside become your commercial agency.

Our extensive international commercial experience will add value to your project by increasing sales and impact in your markets / areas of activity.

Project type 2.- PEACEside become your Business Development Services Supplier.

By following this plan of action based on long and successful PEACEside experiences:
– Market analysis looking for business: Deep integration and investigation of sectors, companies, value chains, ecosystems, etc… in order to become part of them, learn their performance in detail and find out business opportunities and common interest areas.
– Co-development of products, services, value propositions, business models that suit perfectly to the found business opportunities: This is done by setting up a team integrating all the necessary assets and lead it to the reaching of the business objectives.
– Go hand in hand with you in the marketing and leading of the business until you decide to do it on your own.  Eventually, we can become your commercial agent.

Project type 3.- PEACEside become your supplier in order to integrate Sustainability in your business model.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of Sustainability and an international network of partners and suppliers of products / services related to it.
On the other hand, we know business environments very well and are very good in building bridges and finding common interest areas among different agents and points of view.

This can be done at different levels:
– Corporate culture.
– R+D+I Area.
– Marketing-branding.
– Operations.
– Others (purchasing, etc…).