1- Conventional Business Development:  15 year experience in international business development, working with big multinationals and SME,s.
Sometimes work was done in very developed business environments such us Automotive, Electronic/Informatics, Telecom, Chemicals, Electrohousing Appliances, etc. Consequently, we are used to work following the culture and language of big global business schools educating top managers. Turnovers in these sectors are very high.
Sometimes work was done in “no business culture areas” with local people. Therefore, we are used to work as well with a very basic language and way.
On the other hand, we have experience in a wide range of sectors, companies, functional areas, cultures, etc and therefore we really understand in detail most of the jobs. In this way, we are able to reach the heart of most people at work in a wide variety of levels, functions and organizations.

Around half of the projects meant start businesses from “zero” and build them following global business corporation practices. This means learning from the very best of global business companies and apply their knowledge in some “less professional” environments. We start up business in Plastics, Oil & Gas, Civil Engineering, Transport, Water, Textile, etc.
These last businesses are currently running successfully with the products, services, value propositions and business models we built and are consolidated looking long term. Current turnover could be around 60 million €.

2- Sustainability Business Development: 10 years ago, we integrated Sustainability in our portfolio. Since then we have been running business analysis and specific projects in a wide range of subjects and positions.

Solar Energy: Department of Energy /Regional Government – Technical work. Big Global Developer of PV Plants – Production and R&D&I Manager work. Thermosolar – Marketing work, Hybrid Panels – Mentoring role.
Wind Energy: Marketing work.
Energy Efficiency: Business analysis and creativity work.
Circular Economy:Value chain & business analysis work.
Organic Agriculture:Production, marketing, commercial team leading work.
Robotics: Administration work (Manager).