Personal and Corporate Improvement

An enterprise is mainly a human and moral phenomenon.
And human beings, without exception, we all need to work on personal improvement to make progress on professional, moral and values issues. This is the only way to become a better person and give our best to our organizations and society in general.
The practical way we propose to introduce this in “work environments” is establishing improvement programs with two areas of focus: Corporate Culture and Personal Improvement.

1.- Corporate culture centered in taking care of the society in which operates (employees, customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders in general):
– SCR: SROI. Environmental-Social-Ethical Performance. BCorp. Purchasing and Value Chain. Corruption.
– By inducing a moral and values growth in the people involved.
– By making explicit the talents, skills and behaviours of employees / other partners and the same for every job / role description. Then we can reach a good match between both. Professional People Management to bring to light the best of every person and put it in roles where it can be expressed.
– By creating missions with a sense of improving the world.
– Corporate culture based on confidence, coherence and communication. What matters is what we do, not what we say. Management by Competences and Projects.

2.- Personal improvement programs:
-Ethics and values, vocation, innate skills, quality of thinking / feelings, positive thinking, team work, etc
-Personal Improvement programs to bring to light the best inside us.

By working with PEACEside as your partner in order to integrate “Personal / Organizational Improvement” and “Society Care” in your corporate culture, you receive the following value:

– Improve the feelings and wellbeing of employees, suppliers, customers, partners and stakeholders in general. “The feel good just by being with us”.
– All the people involved have a much better performance at work. On one hand, they increase their motivation and feel good by working in projects with a sense of improving the world. On the other hand, they are able to show and develop their main talents and skills.

PEACEside knows about the wide range of tools available to accompany organizations in the process of becoming society, personal care oriented.

Regarding the specific programs, we have got a comprehensive knowledge of general personal development tools such as coaching, leadership and systemic change.

On the other hand, we integrate some practical programs already consolidated in “work environments” in order to shape a very rich mix of possibilities and propose you the best to meet your organization´s goals.

Key partners:

  • Strategic partner BCorp.
  • Strategic partner professional people management.
  • Systemic change strategic partner.
  • Strategic partner personal development.
  • Strategic partner new techs for education.